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Once Your Masterpiece is Finished...

Provide your name and/or nickname as you'd like it to appear in the game credits (docs) should your level be selected for inclusion in the final build of Reflex. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential and will only be used if I need to contact you for some reason relating to your submitted level. For duplicate entries, the name of the person who submitted the level design first will be used.

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ALL SUBMITTED LEVEL DESIGNS WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF LEE FASTENAU. What this means is that you will not receive restitution, royalties, or payment of any kind whether your level is ultimately included in the final build or not. I made this editor available to you in order to help strengthen the Atari 2600 community. If I eventually sell Reflex cartridges with your level contained on it for a modest stipend, feel proud of your contribution, but do not come after me with a lawsuit! If this does not seem fair to you, then please don't submit your level. Thanks!